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Probate Estate & Litigation

Do these events below relate to your situation?

Are you struggling to pay probate fees and retainers attorneys will invoice you for?


A family member has passed away, but the estate wasn't set up correctly?

We will pay the probate costs.

Families face common issues like these every day which can create burdens that lead to emotional and mental distress. That’s why we have decided to help families and pay for all costs out of our own pocket.

Homes end up being left vacant and distressed without going through probate as seen below.

How it works.

We pay all costs for the Probate Proceedings.

A Petition of Administration can cost the family between $3,500.00-$8,000.00. A Summary of Administration can cost the family between $2,500.00-$3,500.00. We understand that these fees amount to more than many families can afford. Especially in this difficult time following the death of a family member.  For this reason, we have decided to pay for the costs of probate for the family.

We work with Attorneys everywhere.

It doesn’t matter where the family lives or where the property is. We work with Attorneys statewide and we are adding new Family Law Attorneys weekly. If you are an Attorney looking for equitable solutions for your clients, we would love to add you to our network. Contact us today.

Working with an Attorney already?

Even better! We will coordinate with your legal counsel to get the Probate finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. Probates can take anywhere from one to six months. We get the majority of the cases that we are involved in settled within 45 days.


Once probate is complete, we will close on the property immediately. The best part is it doesn’t cost the family a penny. This keeps money in the family’s estate and eliminates the time consuming process for the family. Call us today so we can discuss your family’s unique situation.


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